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Fondazione per l’Arte is a not for profit organisation founded in Rome on November 17th 2011. Through its ambitious programme of cultural exchange in Italy and abroad the Foundation aims to encourage and promote the fundamental role in society played by art and culture in all its diverse forms.

The choice to focus both on old master and modern and contemporary art stems from a desire to stimulate a dialogue between the past and present, through the comparative juxtaposition of differing epochs, pictorial languages and styles. 

The Foundation’s primary objective is the desire to generate a cultural programme that is capable of reaching out to involve and stimulate the enthusiasm of an ever-increasing public, interested in the arts of all eras and in all forms, including: music, dance, literature, theatre, cinema, fashion as well as the visual arts. It is hoped that this key objective, to offer the public an overview of all the visual arts, will be realised by presenting painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance arts through a continuous series of exhibitions, performances, conferences and live debates between artists, curators and critics. The main purpose being to contribute to reasserting the city of Rome as a significant centre of artistic and cultural production and exchange, binding these activities into the international circuit by creating strong bonds of collaboration in Italy and abroad. 

Within the broad scope of contemporary art the aim is to discover, promote and add value to young and little known talents, in order to help them actualise their projects. The Foundation therefore will play a versatile role open to the contributions and council of artists, critics and collectors, as well of course, as of the public. Fundamental to the Foundation’s attainment of its objectives will be its many important exchanges and collaborations with other national and international cultural associations, foundations, galleries, museums and academies of art. Through its publication of catalogues and monographs, Fondazione per l’Arte proposes to explore, explain, illustrate and diffuse concepts of ancient, modern and contemporary art.